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martha: just a few more days until the election. a few more days until the power comes on. we're getting there little by little, folks. jon:. bill: it is ail temporary, right? see you tomorrow. jenna: right now brand new stories and breaking news this hour including superstorm sandy leaving behind a path of destruction. so many people in harm's way, surrounded by water, with no power, no phones, dwindling food. the latest on the rescue and the road to recovery. only five days to go until election day as bill and martha were talking about. brand new polling what americans think about the rice right now. brand new information on the deadly terror attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. what the administration knew weeks in advance. it is all "happening now." jon: good morning to you right now on this thursday as we get some ominous news.
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more than 70 people are dead now in the aftermath of one the worst storms in recent history. from the east coast really to the great lakes, americans are struggling to try to get back to normal life but the trauma and damage from superstorm sandy will linger for a long time to come. good morning i'm john scott. jenna: everything is secondary to the families that lost so much. jon: there is so much misery out there. jenna: i'm glad you're with us. i'm jenna lee. new york city first. more than 30 storm-related deaths happened here. the city restoring limited mass transit service today. major tunnels remain impasseable. you see in the top left corner of your screen is a tunnel there. gridlock is growing problem in the city when it comes to traffic, simply getting around. in new jersey, dwindling fuel is up price are triggering long lines there. some people without power in their homes wait for hours to put gas in their car.
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in northeast ohio utilities are working to restore electricity to 1000, 100,000 i should say. in north carolina a much different picture. sandy triggering a freak snowstorm. folks are digging out right now. just across the hudson river, in hoboken that is the picture on the screen. the national guard is hard at work in a city of 50,000 people. 90% of the homes have no electricity. the mayor says the city is simply running low on food, water and food. molly line is there with more for us now. molly? >> reporter: absolutely. it is a tough road here in hoboken. the estimate they won't have much of the community for seven to 10 days. they are pulling together as you mentioned. gathering together. there are several shelters open. there are places to charge your phone. they're calling for donations of nonperishable items of blankets and coats. we had a chance to get out into the community and walk
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around and look at devastation of the storm surge. some restaurants. some low-lying apartment buildings, community residences and just general shops, plumbing apparatus places water coming in, broken glass everywhere, the mud, the sewage. you can hear ambulances in the background. clearly still an emergency situation for a lot of people in the city for a long road to recovery. we had a chance to speak to one of the restaurant owners. he owns legal beans. here's look how he is doing today. >> all this was all neatly organized at one point. and the glass imploded from the weight. they said, my neighbors who really suffered over there, and we've suffered a lot the last couple years here but this, they saw, just came in like within 15 minutes went from no water to about five feet of water. >> reporter: you know the community also community leaders asked people to conserve gas. do not drive around if you
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have gas in your tank because there is fuel shortage. they're asking people to conserve what they have and not waste things. don't go out and get it if you don't need it. that is serious issue. they want to be sure first-responders and people in emergency really have it. the power still to be out for seven to 10 days. that will be something very frustrating for a lot people in the close-knit community. back to you, jenna. jenna: as you point out, not just a today story but a story for weeks and months to come. molly, thank you. jon: months to come is right. a travel nightmare is slowly improving for tens of thousands of passengers really around the globe who were left stranded. almost 20,000 flights were canceled because of the storm. to put that in perspective, last year, 15,000 flights were canceled by hurricane irene. 17,000 during the volanic eruption in iceland. the three major new york area airports are limping back to operating schedules. reduced schedules today. laguardia airport, the
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hardest hit of the three. floodwaters inundated runways reaching all the way up to the terminal buildings. look at that. jenna: you saw one of the women crying as she was talking to customer service in one of our videos. you understand the emotion not being able to know when you will be able to move again. jon: unfortunately the frustration will build from here on out. it is shock for first couple days. after a week or 10 days of this misery people get really, really upset. jenna: you're absolutely right, jon. we'll move to politics now. of course we're america's election headquarters and we do have an election day five days away. the president is back on the campaign trail today after touring the damage from superstorm sandy with new jersey governor chris christie yesterday. you're seeing some footage from that. minutes from now the president will kick off a whirlwind tour of many states today, starting first with wisconsin. 10 electoral votes up for grabs there. enthey will hop over to nevada, a battleground state with six electoral votes.
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then the president finishes off his events in colorado. he has nine electoral votes. he is looking for in colorado. he then will spend the night in ohio where he campaigns tomorrow. so hitting four states in one day. meanwhile governor romney is focusing on virginia. he has several events in that one state today. virginia also a key battleground state with 1 electoral votes up for grabs. there will be a quiz on all the electoral votes later, right, jon? mention each and everyone. there you go. john roberts is live in virginia with more for us now. hi, john. >> reporter: good morning to you, jenna. tomorrow both president obama and governor romney will be in or around columbus, ohio. a testament to how important the state is. he is here in virginia was built on a site of the old meadow farms where the great
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secretariat was born. i will help you make your own analogis. whoever wins the commonwealth will win it by a nose. the governor pressing hard on economy today. "fox news poll" showing him with a nine point ad vage over the president. with mr. obama on the campaign trail governor romney is sharpening the contrast with the president who is best to bring back prosperity for the nation. >> do you want the four more years like the last four years? >> no!. >> you want four more years where 23 million americans are struggling to have a good job? >> no!. >> you want four more years where earnings are going down every year? >> no!. >> you want four more years of trillion dollar deficits in washington? >> no!. >> reporter: governor romney drawing the sharp contrasts with government. do you want bigger government with stifling regulations or smaller leaner government to help
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the private sector to grow and create jobs. he dinged the president in a new ad today suggesting somewhere down the road he may appoint a secretary of business, watch. >> barack obama says he may appoint a secretary of business. his solution to everything is add another bureaucrat. why not have a president who actually understands business? >> reporter: now, as the poll numbers keep moving incrementally as each of the candidates making their final arguments it is interesting to watch the battleground states flip back and forth. obama is up one day, romney sup the next, vice versa. it is clear indication, whether early voting, absentee balloting or getting out there on election day, in these battleground states, jenna, each and every vote really does count in 2012. jenna: in five days anything can really happen as we know as surgeon jalists. john roberts live in virginia today. jon: brand new numbers on the race for the white house with "fox news poll"s
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showing it is too close to call. president obama and positive romney now tied at 46% after the president dropped a percentage point in the last few weeks. with this race so tight, it could all come down to turnout. when it comes to enthusiasm though, governor romney seems to have the edge, 69% of his supporters saying it is extremely important that he win. only 59% of the president's supporters say they feel that way. let's dissect these numbers now a little more closely with bob cusack, the managing editor for "the hill." in a tight election, bob, that enthusiasm number could be crucial. >> yeah, that's right, jon. i mean the independents and enthusiasm is on mitt romney's side. while president obama has a clear lead among hispanics. mitt romney made the decision his path to victory is florida, virginia and the midwest. some in the southwest. states like new mexico, probably nevada, obama is going to win. so that is where the money is going. it is going to ohio.
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we have new money in pennsylvania. that is likely to stay in obama's column. but this is where with, coming down to the wire and, you know, the real possibility here is that romney could win the popular vote and just fall short in electoral college. that is looking like a possibility. but romney, romney advisors of course say they have the momentum and that they're going to close the gap in ohio over the next several days. jon: well they're also looking at some states that republicans traditionally haven't done well at. michigan, minnesota, wisconsin, maybe pennsylvania. romney has a chance in each of those states. >> yeah, the polls show he does have a shot. i think that the best shot out of all those four is wisconsin. obviously paul ryan's home state. the polls have been kind of all over the map there where obama had a big lead earlier and then it tightened. certainly paul ryan is helping in wisconsin. it is such a political state this year with the scott walker recall and republicans winning that. of those states i think wisconsin is the best shot
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for republicans and, you know, pennsylvania, usually goes to the, at the presidential level it goes to the democrat but, you know, we'll see. you know, you look back at 2008 primary between hillary clinton and president obama, hillary clinton thumped the president though the president did easily did defeat john mccain in 2008 in pennsylvania. jon: let me take you back into some of those fox news polls with some surprising numbers at least to me. one of them is the question, when asked, what best describes how the obama administration has handled radical muslim terrorists? 55% of americans say they think it was too soft. now this is a president who constantly talking about how, you know, under his administration we got usama bin laden. 55% say too soft on that. what do you think, bob? >> that is clearly the effect of the deadly attack in benghazi because foreign policy before that attack was a clear advantage for the president, but the
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controversy and contradictory statements coming from the administration has hurt president obama that poll reflects it. jon: there are questions too about how this president is handling the economy. right now only 45% say they approve. 52% disapprove. in october of 2010 i guess, the numbers were slightly lower for the president. i'm sorry, in terms of the disapproval number. 61%. so it is getting better, but still he is not looking too good when it comes to his handling of the economy. >> no and that is the number one issue of this election. so the fact that it is so close and those numbers are so bad for the president, actually a good sign for the president because those numbers are not good. in 2009, president obama mocked republicans. said they're always trying to make this mess and give me the economy and then he took ownership. said, give it to me. i will own the economy. that is the big issue of this election and that is
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why republicans say at the last moment undecided voters are going to go toward mitt romney. jon: interesting too that mitt romney's favorable ratings have come up. that is another poll we didn't have time to get to today but the president's people had sort of tried to tarnish romney during so much of the spring advertising. romney's favorables are up significantly. >> probably because of the debates, yes. jon: a big part of it. bob cusack, thank you. jenna: you all were talking a little bit about the economy. there are some brand new numbers on the economy today. the number of americans filing for first time unemployment benefits is out. remember tomorrow we have a big monthly jobs report that is coming out, the last one before the election. what do today's numbers potentially tell us about tomorrow's? we'll tell you about that coming up. also fuel shortages triggering massive gas lines in sandy's wake. we'll tell you where and how much it could cost you. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement
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jon: right now in the wake of sandy gas shortages are adding to the misery. some people without power at home are now waiting hours just to fuel up their cars. rick is on that from the breaking news desk. rick? >> we're monitoring this because it is a serious situation. folks old enough to remember say this is like the gas shortages in the 1970s, jon. long waits to fill 'er up and there is such a shortage it could slow down the recovery in the northeast. we have frustrated new jerseysyians to listen to. >> i place i waited 45 minutes, i was about 50 feet from it they ran out. i was like you're not even guaranteed even if you wait in line for an hour. >> a pain in the butt, you know, trying to get to work. hope to be there at 7:00. hope boss doesn't catch us being late. >> how is the boss being
8:18 am
today? is he being understanding? >> everybody is being understanding in all this. everybody is affected in some way. >> there are reports of people losing their patience. a couple of fights breaking out. in new york city, taxis and car services having to shut down because there is not enough of a gas supply to stay on the roads. in lower manhattan where the power is still out, businesses running on gas powered generators could soon be back in the dark. that includes a lot of big wall street firms. the main problems, are, jon, refineries and pipelines are still shut down because of no power or flooding. the new york harbor is still closed as well. that is how a fifth of the area's fuel supply gets to this part of the country. it is a real problem and we'll keep you posted. back to you. jon: there are stations that might have gas and they don't have electricity to pump gas out of the tanks. it is a mess all the way around. rick folbaum, thank you. jenna: to the economy. new weekly jobless numbers were just out.
8:19 am
353,000 americans filed for first time unemployment benefits. this report is supplied by the government every week. one of the things we're watching every day is another report that a private company provides on what is happening in the job market and apparently they're changing the way they're calculating some of their data and that is raising some questions. all of this ahead of the big october jobs report coming out tomorrow just four days before the election. liz macdonald is on this from the fox business network. so, liz, start with that, the jobs data in general, it has been very confusing lately. a lot has been said about it. is there a problem at all? >> reporter: good to be with you, jenna. what we're talking about adp. they're a private payroll processing company and they put out a monthly jobs report that wall street follows very closely but just recently adp announced it switched its methodology and what happened was that ended up wiping out about 341,000 jobs sips the beginning of the year. so instead of 1.5 million jobs created in the economy since january, it is 1.2
8:20 am
million jobs according to adp. that translates into 13,000 job as month, not 167,000 jobs a month, jenna. these are pretty messy numbers coming in from adp. it is closely tracked on wall street. what they're saying now is, they're working with moody's analytics to basically improve its data. it is looking at a larger section of the labor force but these are numbers that are pretty stunning and they set back a number of analysts down on wall street back on their heels, jenna. jenna: elizabeth when we talk about the numbers and different reports. here is what one report is showing and other report is showing. the truth frankly lies in between there sometimes. >> that's right. jenna: what are the jobs report showing on the complete jobless picture? >> reporter: talk about the forecasting what we may see in the jobless rate tomorrow. economists, a number of them on wall street are predicting a slight tick in
8:21 am
the jobless rate to 7.9%. we're seeing mixed basically reports we're looking at for the u.s. economy in terms of jobs. we're seeing a 41% rise in layoffs being reported by challenger, gray and christmas. you know a lot of people on wall street like to look at challenger, gray & christmas because, basically shows trends in large company hiring and firing trends. so you're seeing a tick down. 9,000 less jobless claims. but then, layoffs too, still on the rise. and that is very stubbornly and also confusing adp revision, knocking out, 341,000 jobs since the beginning of the year, jenna. jenna: that is a lot of jobs. great preview. great report. liz, thank you. >> reporter: sure. jon: there are shocking new revelations out about what happened during the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya as well as leading up to it. serious security concerns in the weeks before four americans were killed in benghazi.
8:22 am
more on that coming up in a fox news exclusive. the presidential race take as kind letter, gentler turn in the days before the election. is it too little too late?
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jenna: a fox news exclusive now on the deadly consulate attack in libya. new information revealing that the u.s. mission in benghazi warned the state department that the consulate would not be able to defend itself against a coordinated assault. that warning coming less than a month before the deadly terrorist attack that killed four americans including ambassador chris stevens. joining us now, congressman peter king, the chairman of the house committee on homeland security. also with us the vice president of foreign and defense policy studies at american enterprise institute. danielle, i will be with you in a minute.
8:26 am
we will talk with congressman king dealing with the aftermath of hurricane sandy in his community. your reaction to this latest news? >> as far as libya, this absolutely proves once again that this administration --, they had been forewarned. they were clearly not ready for it. that is bad you have in for itself but the fact they continued to cover this up, to spread misleading stories is absolutely inexcusable. there is time and place for politics but the loss of american life is, should always come before politics and clearly the state department officials in libya, in benghazi, in tripoli were warning of this. i mean we've known for a period of time that al qaeda had training camps in that area. we knew it was a hotbed of al qaeda and islamist activity. to have inadequate security and then, not to respond when the attack was made and then finally, not finally, but to continue to, cover
8:27 am
this up and spread misleading stories is absolutely inexcusable. jenna: congressman, lawmakers continue to ask questions are all republican lawmakers that are continuing to put pressure on the white house for more answers. how do you think the fact this is not bipartisan, this is not bipartisan in nature asking for more information on benghazi is somehow affecting the public from getting more answers? >> it really is. first we have the fact that most democrats are refusing to become involved in this. they want to wait until the election is over. secondly the mainstream media is not pursuing it. so puts less pressure on the administration to make the information known before election day. they're trying to run out the clock here. but to me, again, security of americans should always come before politics. this should not be a partisan issue. i wish there were far more democrats involved. again, this is just, goes right to the essence of what a many could mander in chief is supposed to do and protect the americans
8:28 am
interest and that was not done here and they have continued this horrific chapter by again by spreading misleading story after misleading story. jenna: congressman king, i know you're very business is in your community. we appreciate it as always. >> thank you. jenna: danielle, how do you see it? you've been covering foreign policy for years now. how do you see all of this is evolving and what this new information really means? >> well, what the new information really means, and we've really seen a drip, drip, drip of it over the last few weeks is that not only was the administration aware that a terrorist group was involved in the attack on our consulate in benghazi but they were aware and had been warned by the rso, the regional security officer in our embassy in tripoli, that they didn't believe they could protect the consulate in the event of an attack. that is what you reported yesterday and absolutely consistent with everything we've seen coming out in press reporting. jon:. jenna: danielle, i was looking at "the new york times" and article coming a
8:29 am
few days ago and interesting to see how this new information changes the report. "new york times" says listening, the smoking gun the republicans are looking for is not surfacing and places this on a bad strategy developed by the state department that became outdated as the benghazi situation changed. that is the way they're describing what happened with the state department in benghazi. do you agree, is there no smoking gun at this point? >> i don't really understand how you can explain it via smoking gun unless you're talking about politics. if you're talking about politics, then sure, it is absolutely right. is there a smoking gun? do we know, did the white house know who did it and protect them? absolutely not. no one is suggesting that. the problem is that the white house and the democrats in congress are obstructing an investigation. the other problem is that the white house asked, again and again and again about this is continuing to stonewall and frankly continuing to tell lies
8:30 am
about what happened on september 11th, 2012, in benghazi. jenna: senator graham will join us in a moment. the big question for him now with this investigation is now what? if the investigation is ongoing and there are still no answers the question is, what comes of this? jon, you will talk to the senator. we t for her insights. she continues to follow the story. wrote a myriad of different articles on it. so many questions remain. jon: information is getting out about what the state department -- >> where does it go, right? where does it go? how do we get answers? i know a lot of our viewers have been frustrated. jon: we'll be talking to senator lindsey graham of south carolina about this. he is fired up. we have more on the bombshell information about that deadly attack. senator graham as i mentioned will be joining us. he has been in touch with the embassy of tunisia to find out whether they will let the u.s. speak to the suspect that they have in custody who may have been involved in these attacks.
8:31 am
we'll find out what, whether they have gotten back to him. also in new york city, much of downtown manhattan still without power. superstorm sandy caused tremendous damage. let's check in with anna kooiman. anna? >> reporter: jon, we're down in battery park. check out the tunnel. there is still 50 feet of water. we'll tell you how the swamped new york city transit system is getting help from the army and navy coming up
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jenna: right now new york
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city is slowly, slowly recovering from the devastation of sandy but much of the downtown area in manhattan is still without power. subways still can't run in that area at all. that is leading to this on your screen. hundreds forming a massive line to board buses that are shuttling people from brooklyn into manhattan. the line growing thicker and longer as the buses dwindle. the number of people who needs them seems to be getting bigger. anna kooiman live in new york city with more. anna? >> reporter: good morning to you, jenna. new york governor andrew cuomo says the federal government is bringing in crews and equipment from the army and the navy. now what they're doing from the army, it is an elite unwatering team is what they call it and they're coming from illinois here. the same group that went to the gulf coast following hurricane katrina. the navy is bringing in pumps that they normally use on ships. i want it draw attention to the building behind me. it is staten island ferry
8:36 am
entrance. currently all services are suspended indefinitely. the police tape is up by the battery park underpass. because as you can see 50 feet of water is still there. limited subway service began before 6:00 today. mta says 5.5 million people daily right on their subways. they also say any day that their trains are not running it costs them $18 million in revenue. traffic has been a mess throughout the city because of lack of people not being able to use public transportation and road closures. they're making three occupants or more are in each vehicle if they're going over the four east river bridges. they won't get a ticket but they won't let people through if they don't have three people in there. also the area around where the crane collapsed in midtown is still frozen. we heard from the mayor bloomberg and he is saying that that is going to be weekend before people who have been evacuated from their homes are going to be able to get back in. also governor andrew cuomo saying, he just tweeted,
8:37 am
this con-edison should have lights back on for manhattan residents by friday or saturday. back to you. jenna: good news it is soon. sometimes we're told seven to 10 days in other areas and other states as well for power to come back on. anna, thank you. jon: earlier we told you about exclusive new information on the attack in libya that left four americans dead including our u.s. ambassador. the u.s. mission in benghazi warning washington in august that the consulate would be defenseless against a coordinated attack. senator lindsey graham is a member of the house armed services committee. he has been leading the charge for more information on the attack and its aftermath. he joins us now on the phone. i know you have written the white house. you have written the cia, lots of people letters to get more information. have you heard back? >> not one word. we destroyed a small forest trying to ask not political gotcha questions, jon, but basic questions, what did the president know and when did know it and what did he
8:38 am
do about it. and this report from heritage makes me sick to my stomach and makes me mad. the president failed these people in libya. it was clear they were crying out for help that al qaeda was all over benghazi. the red cross had closed their office and the british left and president obama was awol when it comes to protecting our folks in libya. this is a massive failure of national security by the obama anyone station. makes me said and makes me angry. jon: you heard the president say many times during the course of the campaign, he hasn't said it recently, but said many times al qaeda is on the run, usama bin laden is dead. do you think this attack on our embassy, taking the lives of well, the first u.s. ambassador killed in 30 years plus the others, that didn't fit the campaign narrative? >> i think that's what drove this story about a mob. this mob spurned by a riot by a bad video. that makes the obama
8:39 am
administration less blame worthy. if this was an attack long in the making where al qaeda has resurrected itself and there are on the march throughout the region. look at the cable. talks about al qaeda training camps. the narrative we killed bin laden and a and al qaeda is on the run and war is recede something completely destroyed by libya. libya is exhibit a about the fact that al qaeda is regrouping, counter attacking and the wars are not receding. what happened in libya was a failure of leadership by the president. he should have closed this consulate after the attacks in june or heavily reinforced it. it became a deathtrap and people were denied security assistance because we wanted to normalize relationship with a nonexistent government. this is a massive national security failure. i blame the president above all else. jon: al-tarzi, the tunisia man caught on video present
8:40 am
there at the night our compound was attacked he is being held by the tunisians. i know you have written them and said turn him over to us. have you heard back? >> i called the secretary of state of tunisia. they have been generally a good ally. i've been to tunisia twice. this is where the arab spring started. i told them submitting written questions was unacceptable. you can supervise the interrogation but we want our people on the ground. they said they would get back to me. and i am convinced that the president of the united states were to call the prime minister of tunisia that they would cooperate with us. my view of is that the president, secretary of state, we've done very little to get an interview with this guy. and every day that goes by we don't have access to this suspect makes it harder for us to track down these people. i think it is an example of slow rolling this investigation. they're trying to run out the clock, get tuesday behind us and just makes me very angry.
8:41 am
they said they would be transparent, share details with the public. they won't answer any questions that congress has asked of them and i just don't trust them. this is failure of leadership, competency and trust. the president failed to lead. they were incompetent at every turn and i don't trust this administration to share information with us because al qaeda is on the rise and that's what this story tells us. jon: senator lindsey graham in south carolina. joining us by phone. senator, thanks for your insights. >> thank you. jenna: election day is only five days away. the president and governor romney both back on the campaign trail today. looks like we're seeing a change in strategy at this final race towards next tuesday. are they showing a softer side? is that part of the strategy. a fair and balanced debate next. [ man ] ring ring... progresso
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jon: a day of campaigning for the president you can only call frenetic. he will hit four states today. right now he is in green bay,
8:45 am
wisconsin. we'll tell you more about his travel plans after we let us listen to some of the president's remarks in green bay. >> like herb kohl and russ feingold being fierce fighters for the people of wisconsin. [cheering] >> for the past few days all of us have been focused on one of the worst storms in our lifetimes. and we're awed and we're humbled by nature's destructive power. we mourn the loss of so many people. our hearts go out to those who have lost their loved ones. we pledge to help those who's lives have been turned upside down. i was out in new jersey yesterday and saw the devastation and, you really get a sense of, you know, how difficult this is going to be for a lot of people. but you know we have always been inspired these past few
8:46 am
days because when disaster strikes we see america at its best. all the petty differences that consume us in normal times all seem to melt away. there are no democrats or republicans during a storm. there are just fellow americans. [cheering]. leaders of different parties working to fix what's broken. neighbors helping neighbors cope with tragedy. communities rallying to rebuild. a spirit that says, in the end we're all in this together. that we rise or fall as one nation. as one people. [cheering]. that spirit has guided this country along its improbable journey for more than two centuries. it has carried us through the trials of the last four years. in 2008 we were in the
8:47 am
middle of two wars and the worst economic crisis since the great depression. today our businesses have created over 5 million new jobs. [cheering] the american auto industry is back on top. american manufacturing is growing at the fastest pace in 15 years. we're less deend pent on foreign oil then at any time in 20 years. home values are on the rise thanks to the service and sacrifice of our brave men and women in uniform, the war in iraq is over. [cheers] the war in afghanistan is winding down. al qaeda has been emdecimated. usama bin laden is dead. [cheers] so we've made real progress these past four years but wisconsin, we know that our work's not done yet.
8:48 am
as long as there's a single american who wants a job but can't find one, our work isn't done. as long as there are families who are working harder but falling behind, our work isn't done. as long as there's a child languishing in poverty, barred from opportunity, anywhere in this country, our work is not yet done. [cheers]. our fight goes on because we know this nation can not succeed without a growing, thriving and strong, sturdy ladders into the middle class. our fight goes on because americans have always done its best when everybody gets a fair shot and everybody is doing their fair share and everybody is playing by the same rules. [cheers]. that's what we believe. that's why you elected me in 2008 and that's why i am running for a second term as president because we've got
8:49 am
more, work to do. [cheers] >> four more years!. four more years!. four more years!. >> now, now we knew from the beginning that our work with take more than one year or even one term because let's face i, the middle class was getting hammered long before the financial crisis was hit. technology made us more productive but it also made a lot of good jobs obsolete. global trade brought us cheaper products but also allowed companies to hire in low-wage countries. american workers saw their paychecks squeezed, even as corporate profits rose and ceo salaries exploded. and the guaranteed security of pensions and health care slowly started to disappear. these fundamental changes in the economy, the rise of
8:50 am
technology and global competition. they're real. we can't wish these challenges away. here is what i know, wisconsin, we can meet them. because, we're americans. we've got the world's best workers and the world's best entrepreneurs. we've got the best scientists and the best researchers. the best colleges and universities and we've got the most innovative spirit. we have everything we need to thrive in this new economy, in this new century and there's not a country on earth that wouldn't trade places with the united states of america. but we have a choice to make. in five days we will choose our next president. [cheers] and, it's more than just a choice between two candidates or two parties. you will be making a choice between two fundamentally different visions of america.
8:51 am
one where we return to the top-down policies that crashed our economy. [booing] don't boo, wisconsin. vote. or, a future --. jon: don't boo, wisconsin vote. that fits right in with the discussion we're about to hold. the two candidates really on both sides seem to be tailoring their campaign just a bit. if you like to hear the president as he continues his remarks in green bay, wisconsin, you can do so. we have it streaming live on meantime let's talk to tucker carlson, editor of "the daily caller", fox news contributory. chris comean has, former chief of staff to west virgina senator joe manchin. about the tone of this campaign, you have heard both candidates sort of easing off the rhetoric, easing off especially the attacks on the other guy. we just heard the president say we'll thrive in this new
8:52 am
century. you also heard him say we knew from the beginning this was more than a 1-year problem, i'm sorry, we knew from the beginning our work would take more than one year, more than one term. chris, he said if he didn't get the job done, it was going to be a one-term proposition but i will leave that aside. what about the tone of this campaign? >> well, i mean i think the tone is dramatically changed after hurricane sandy. that i think is pretty obvious. you know when you see millions of americans who are, who are really hurting and suffering there is not a lot of tolerance for negative politics. i think the president, what you're going to see from the president in the remaining days i would assume would be much more kind of positive focused vision on the next four years. you know i saw, i watched governor romney's speech earlier today in virginia. he was a little bit harsher, a little more if you will, tough in terms of the contrast. i think he has to be very careful because that may not
8:53 am
necessarily play well, but also i think is a reflex where he finds himself in some of these key battlegrounds. he's in a tough spot particularly in ohio, virginia. he needs to win the states. if he doesn't he can't win. jon: tucker the fact that the president is taking, you know, one of the last campaign opportunities he has to appear in wisconsin, a state that traditionally votes democratic, that shows, you know, some trouble for the obama campaign? >> anything, anything a candidate does in the final weeks of a campaign is by definition a campaign appearance, no matter what he is saying. i would say natural disasters in general favor the incumbent. it puts any challenger in a tough position. what do you say that is seemly but effective? in this case it allows obama to play president, to pretend he hasn't run this incredibly devisive nasty campaign literally singles out groups of americans and blames them for america's problem which is what he has done he strikes a bipartisan tone. we're not divided by republican, democrat, doing
8:54 am
2004 democratic convention speech that was so popular at the time. i think that is probably a good opportunity for him to talk that way assuming anyone believes it. jon: i heard, i did hear him say, chris, i was surprised he brought this up, he said al qaeda is decimated. are you surprised about that give what happened in benghazi. >> no, if you look at terms of leadership of al qaeda it has been decimated. if you look osama bin laden, he is dead. is the notion that somehow al qaeda has disappeared from the face of the earth? no. i can tell you most americans do believe and give the president enormous credit for what he is able to accomplish on the war on terror. putting that all aside for a he can srgs at the end of the day this rec shun is not going to be -- election will not be about foreign policy. it will be about the economy and also be about two fundamental different visions. this is the fundamental problem for the romney campaign. they have a vision and set of policies that the american people, particularly in key battleground like ohio are
8:55 am
consistently not buying. with five days left not a lot of time to sell it. jon: i'm not sure i buy that premise. i want to get tucker's take on this because the president often says we'll go back to the policies that put us here in the first place. so he is trying to i guess, bring back emin rest of the bush administration and warn people about the next four years rather than talking about his own record. >> right. well, i mean of course we're making that case for the past four years, that they inherited this mess. it was someone else's fault. it will take a long time. don't blame me. the truth at this late-stage a few days left to go he have before the election i don't think there is anybody left in america who is convinceable. people are going to vote i would say have made up their minds. this is at this stage motivating people already like you going to vote for you to actually vote. jon: that is goes back to our original question. that is why the softer campaign? >> i think that is, i think that's right. look, the campaign is actually not very soft. listen to the ads on radio especially. check out the spanish language ads.
8:56 am
watch television spots. those are tough, tough as hell but the president himself, can play president. that i guess good for him. jon: tucker carlson, chris kofinis. we'll see what happens on tuesday. thank you both. >> thank you. jenna: the battle for virginia going down to the wire. polls say the key swing state is simply too close to call. president obama won it last time. today governor romney is holding campaigns, campaign events across the state. we'll take and in depth look what is at stake for the state of virginia and what it means for the election. you've seen these pictures, right? cars submerged in the floodwaters after sandy blew through? what happened to all the swamped cars? the impact it could have on the auto industry and we'll talk about the economy as well. that is up ahead.
8:57 am
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9:00 am
blink tare scrambling to figure out how to get into the city of manhattan without and active busline. they have a shuttle that picks up folks. there is hope today that some major traffic routes that are shut down are beginning to reopen. a lot of folks are still trying to figure out how they get back to some level of normalcy, how they get to their jobs. once they get there, how do they get back? there is a lot of mental energy just trying to figure out how to commute to work. jon: brooklyn on the other side of the east river from manhattan, if you split it off into its own city would still be the 6th most populous city in the nation. there are an awful lot of people who live there and work in manhattan, trying to get in but with the tunnels flooded and some of the bridges closed it's a real messes specially with no subway service. jenna: back to politics now. both candidates are back on the
9:01 am
campaign trail today as new national polls show president obama and governor romney are dead even in this race for the white house. welcome to the second hour of "happening now," we are so close to election day, so close, not there yet. i'm jenna lee, we are glad to have you here. jon: we've been talking about it for a year, the pressure is on after taking a break for super storm sandy, both campaigns back in full swing now. president obama as you just saw is in wisconsin right now, but he'll be in three other states today, nevada, and colorado as well before heading to ohio tonight. vice president joe biden is in iowa. first lady michelle obama is in florida. meanwhile governor romney is in virginia. his running mate congressman paul ryan is making the round in colorado and nevada. his wife, ann romney is campaigning in ohio and his son tag romney is in pennsylvania. fox news has a brand-new national poll that shows the obama biden ticket tied with the
9:02 am
romney ryan ticket at 46% among likely voters. the latest "real clear politics" national polling average also shows a tie 47.4 each. let's go to the man with his crystal ball, larry sabato director for the center of politics at the university of virginia. larry graze into that crystal ball and tell us who wins. >> yeah, the popular vote is very, very close, and the election stoerl college vote i theee electoral college vote will not be a landslide for either of the candidates. we are working on the final projection. obama is closer to 270 than governor romney, but there are a lot of these swing states, the very same ones we've been watching for this year, you and i have been talking all year about these same states, and they are still on the edge of the butter knife. they are in the bubble. watch where the candidates go. they are not going to go to any
9:03 am
state that is not very close, where a visit wouldn't make a little bit of difference, a point's difference. they are going to where the real battle grounds are, regardless of what you've read about this state coming in, or that state coming in, watch what the candidates do, not what the operatives say. jon: that's why i find it fascinating that the president is in wisconsin right now. wisconsin hasn't voted republican since what, 1980? >> yeah, 1984 they voted republican in president reagan's re-election, but remember, democrats only won, jon by about 5,000 votes i think it was in both of the close elections of 2000 and 2004. so this can be a very competitive state. governor walker proved that twice in his original election and the recall election. and then you have paul ryan on the ticket. there are a lot of reasons to include wisconsin as we do in a list of total toss-ups.
9:04 am
jon: north carolina, the president seems to have given up on winning north carolina? >> yes. they should have given up on it a longtime ago, but i guess they wanted to make the romney people spend money there. but, yes, we've never had north carolina for a year out of the republican column and sure enough that is where it's going to be on tuesday. jon: okay. we've got essentially a tied presidential race as it stands right now. everybody is wondering -- >> and a blizzard of numbers to come, a blizzard of numbers to come. jon: everyone is wondering about control of the u.s. senate. how do you see it landing? >> well, if governor romney epdz uends up winning the presidential by several points republicans could still manage to pull it out. on today and we've got it on our crystal ball today we think it is leaning to the democrats, the house securely in republican hands, looks like the senate will stay in democratic control at least by a seat or two. jon: there is a question that's
9:05 am
been on my mind and i think you're probably the best person positioned to answer it, but it's about the affects on the election of this storm we've just seen. clearly, you know, come tuesday there are going to be a lot of people, millions of people in big, blue states, negotiate, new jersey, among them who are just not going to be able to get to the polls or not going to be feeling like voting. i mean who gets hurt most by the impact of this storm? does it hurt president obama more proportionately? >> it is bound to affect his popular vote. these are deeply blue areas, you're right. human nature being what it is, who can blame anybody, everyone should always vote, they should find a way to do it. jon: i agree. >> and the states have to help them get to polling places and all the rest of it. human nature being what it is if you've lost your house or been displaced i don't think voting is going to be in the top ten things you absolutely have to do
9:06 am
between now and tuesday. so i would think this would depress to some degree the popular vote this obama would get in new york and new jersey. it's not going to change them to red but it would affect the national popular vote totals. jon: but no affect essentially on the net electoral college vote you think? >> i don't think so. i was really looking to see whether this storm was going to affect northern virginia. virginia is a swing state, northern virginia is heavily democratic. if the storm had depressed the vote in northern virginia i think that would have been enough to tip the state to romney. it really didn't happen, virginia was not badly affected by the storm. jon: virginia is one of the states both candidates are fighting over. it will be fascinating to see where the numbers come down on tuesday. saba doe at the univery of virginia, thank you. >> where to begin the recovery from sandy that is one of the questions pwa. you have large swaths of the east coast, like the hard hit
9:07 am
jersey store unrecognizable at this point. the super storm like a wrecking ball knocking out neighborhoods of popular seaside board walks and attractions. you have more than 70 people who lost their lives in this storm and more than 5 million homes and businesses still without power up and down the coast. >> where did you come up from? >> asbury park in long branch. >> you had to get out. >> had to get out, no power, no communications. i've got people that i need to pay, families that need to eat. i had to get to where i could run my business. jenna: rick leventhal is live from ocean city new jersey. jon put it well last hour, he says the adrenaline is running out from the storm and reality is really setting in on what everyone is facing, not only today but for the next several weeks and months. what are residents there saying about the reality that they are in? >> absolutely. well, you know, some have a remarkable upbeat attitude believe it or not. residents are being allowed into
9:08 am
ocean city, new jersey where some power has been restored, which is the good news. also because ocean city was just south of where the storm came ashore they fared slightly better than the rest of the coastal new jersey towns. they did have three feet of water on this island from the ocean all the way from the bay. you can see they are trying to pump some of that water still off the streets here. there are some streets that are still impassible here and some pretty significant damages to the north end of this island. we went up there we saw the front end loaders we've been seeing with the dump trucks scooping off the sand off the streets. we saw homeowners who had hired back hoes and little bobcats to clear sand from the front of their house and guys with shovels shoveling out sand from his garages. i talked to one of them who is trying to salvage his stuff. look at how upbeat he was. >> do is this discourage you
9:09 am
from living close to the beach. >> not at all. i'll be back and better than ever. >> he says he'll be back, stronger. he's going to fix up his house. the other good news here in ocean city at least is that the boardwalk fared remarkably well. there may be spots of trouble. you can see people are jogging and riding their bikes out here. it's in really, really good shape. jenna: we'll have to leave it there. thank you for your reporting. rick has been out there the entire time covering this from the very begin. great reporting from our rick leventhal and more as we get it. jon: so much destruction and new pictures every day of more of the problems. new information about one of the big foreign policy stories, what did the obama administration know about security in benghazi before the deadly terror attack? a classified diplomatic cable reviewed exclusively by fox news says the u.s. mission in benghazi warned our state department just weeks before the deadly attack that al-qaida had training camps in benghazi and the consulate could not sustain
9:10 am
against a coordinated attack. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has been doing great work breaking new information on this story and joins us live from washington. >> thank you, skwro*p and good morning. the classified state department cable reviewed by fox news is a direct warning to the state department that the consulate cannot be defended against a coordinated attack. al-qaida and islamic militias are everywhere in benghazi and they need extra help. the cable reports to washington that the libyan militia charged with protect accounting the consulate cannot be trusted. certain sectors were very hesitant to share information with the americans. they acted as a buffer for the mission against some of the more anti-american islamist militias in found. the 17 february brigade was nowhere to be found it had melted away and this information coupled with the cables suggest the brigade had been infiltrated by extremists.
9:11 am
taken together experts say the administration's initial statements about the attack are further challenged. >> al-qaida in benghazi itself could only mean that all americans were in jeopardy and therefore the notion that this attack had anything to do with the famous mohammed video i think falls further into disrepute. >> the state department declined to answer specific questions that we asked at fox citing the classified nature of the cable adding quote, an independent board is conducting a thorough review of the assault on our post in benghazi. once we have the recommendations we can fully address these matters. the key thing here is that the details in this cable foreshadow the attack which was a coordinated commando style attack using direct arrest indirect fire. al-qaida and al sharia are specifically mentioned in this cable and they are implicated in
9:12 am
the attack jon. jon: basically no response from the state department to your question. >> citing the classified nature of the material. the bottom line is this really is a smoking gun warning, a direct warning they could not withstand a coordinated attack and it's eerie to read because it foreshadows the way the ambassador was murdered. jon: catherine herridge. thank you. jenna: one of the top issues for some swing state voters is gun rights, something we haven't heard a lot about on the campaign trail. some say new efforts to bana salt weapons could impact the election. we'll explain straight ahead on how that issue might be figuring into the campaign. plus, super storm sandy delivering a major blow to the u.s. economy. straight ahead adding up the costs and the long-term impact. [ male announcer ] this is anna, her long day teaching the perfect swing
9:13 am
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jenna: our next guest is warning the impact of super storm sandy could slow growth in this already weak economy to as little as 1% in the fourth quarter. it could also unleash a big, big spurt in spending as stricken areas start to rebuild. how do these thins come together. early estimates of property damage along the eastern seaboard are running as high as $20 billion and it could end up a lot higher than that. business losses could reach another 30 billion. you have a total loss of $50 billion in estimates wiped away from the economy. nearly 70% of the oil refineries along the east coast were shut down during the storm. a lot of folks are looking at gas prices, and how higher gas prices will affect the region. peter marisi is former chief economist for the u.s. trade association. the loss of life is the most important as we continue to cover the story but we are looking at national implications for the economy as well. tell us at first glance as you're taking in all this
9:17 am
information what is going to be the impact on the economy overall. >> our national balance sheet takes an enormous hit. we lost at least $20 billion in capital. we have to rebuild that by borrowing from the chinese or taking it out of our savings or what have you. the loss commerce that you referred to that 30 billion a lot of that will get made up. people will spend the money they didn't spend this week and early next week later in the quarter and we'll have all the money spent rebuilding. we will have a pair a docks. we could likely have gdp bigger than it would have been over a period of two years because of the rebuilding and the multiplier affects but we're going to do it with borrowed money from the chinese by running down the reserves of insurance companies and the savings accounts of homeowners and for those people there will be a capital loss. gdp bigger but we are not quite as wealthy as we once were. jenna: you can see the economic activity be higher than it was
9:18 am
because of all the rebuilding effort. in the more immediate timeframe you can see it taking a hit, do i have that correct? >> that is right. the hit will be enormous immediately. the first quarter gdp will likely be closer to 1% to 2% because of this. jenna: what does that mean, peter when you say, 2%, 1%, some people might say that is not that big of a deal. what does that mean. >> we are that much closer to recession. you put that together with what is going on in washington regarding the fiscal cliff and sequestration, if we have any hiccup in resolving that after the election the economy could slide into a recession, that is a bad thing. jenna: tell me what you are looking at next, what are some of the signs you're looking for as businesses start to get back online as things return to what seems more normal? >> this disaster of all disasters because of all that seawater in the new york city subway system i'm most focused on what does the subway get going again? the shoreline devastation in new jersey is very familiar, you
9:19 am
know, when you consider hurricanes in north carolina and so forth i'm fairly confident that will be rebuilt and rebuilt better and those communities will emerge more prosperous for this event. however, new york city, you know if the subway system stays shut down a longtime manhattan can't function without moving people around and there aren't enough buses and bridges over the east river and hudson to accommodate them. that is what worries me. jenna: we can attest to that. living in manhattan if the subways don't work it creates quite a situation and does impact business here. great to have your insight today. we appreciate it as always. >> thank you, take care. jon: everywhere you look where sandy went there is devastation. how to get relief from your insurance company if your property was damaged in the storm, we'll tell you what you need to know next. plus candidates back on the campaign trail now, governor romney making several stops in virginia where things are getting super tight. a close look at the commonwealth's impact on
9:20 am
tuesday's vote coming up. [ male announcer ] they're here! the hottest new machines of 2013, just in time for the polaris holiday sales event. get financing as low as 2.99% on all polaris atvs and side-by-sides including the new twenty-thirteens. plus rebates up to one thousand dollars on select twenty-twelves. incredible deals on... legendary sportsman... powerful rangers... and razor sharp razors. financing as low as 2.99% and rebates up to one thousand dollars ends december 31st. get all the detas at
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9:24 am
governor romney virtually tied for the race for virginia's 13 electoral votes. a rasmussen survey and a roanoke college survey have governor romney up by 2 points and 5 points respectively. washington and quinnipiac polls have president obama up by four points and two points two other surveys showed the race tied. jon: the core of president obama's support in virginia comes from the northern part of the state, right? and the northern part of the state is the part that got hit the worst by this storm. what are the president's people saying about how they feel about their prospects? >> well, the kind of key urban areas inre the
9:25 am
democrats and president obama would expect to do well are in northern virginia, in the kind of central virginia-richmond area and in portions of hampton roads along the eastern seaboard. as you point out northern virginia was hard hit by hurricane sandy. several of the voter registrars up there had to suspend office hours during the storm. as a result and at the request of governor bob mcdonald here in virginia some of those registrars are extending their hours in the coming today's to allow those virginians who are qualified to vote early absentee to do so. but certainly the impact of the storm could impact turn out. the one thing that may argue against that is that much of the power restoration work has been progressing rapidly in virginia, and so that may not dampen turn out as much in those areas. jon: one of the irony tph-s virginia is especially in the northern part unemployment is not such a problem because with
9:26 am
washington d.c. being up there bordering that part of the state, the employment situation with the growth in the federal government has been pretty good, right? >> yeah, virginia has fared better during the recession than many other states. it's unemployment rate has been lower and number of other states. as you point out a lot of that is attributable to the fact that there is federal government jobs and spending in the kind of beltway area in northern virginia and on the other side in maryland. down in hampton roads along the eastern seaboard there is significant military installations, a lot of defense spending down there. one of the concerns for virginia, and one of of the things that has played out in both the presidential race here and the hotly contested u.s. senate race here is what the looming fiscal cliff and sequestration would mean for virginia going forward. jon: president obama won independents and in fact in part won the election if 2008 by winning the independents in virginia. is there any indication how he's doing among independents now?
9:27 am
>> well, some of the polling suggests that governor romney is leading with independents. the keys to this election in virginia are going to be registration, they are going to be turn out and organization. you've got republicans who concede that in 2008 they perhaps took virginia for granted assuming that it was a safe red state. they are not making that mistake this time around. republicans have about 30 offices in virginia and are working hard in their ground game, have made millions of voter contacts. on the flip side of that you've got the obama campaign which has built on its successful ground game in 2008, has about 60 offices here and they believe that they have some advantages. republicans vote to early voting trend as an advantage for them in places that mccain-palin ticket won in 2008. democrats look at some registration numbers and think that is an advantage for them. however, virginia is note a state that has party registration, has voter registration by voter id. it's kind of hard to tell who
9:28 am
has the registration edge there. jon: it looks like a tie at this moment. julian walker, in virginia there, thank you. >> thank you. jenna: i just followed julian on twitter. i don't think anyone knows the state as well as julian. it will be a very important state to watch, we are glad to have reporters on the ground that will give us great insight. you'll hear from them on our program as well. back to super storm sandy mayor boomburg is holding a news conference right now. he says the death toll in new york city alone is up to at least 37. that restoring power in this city is going to take some time. in the meantime we're continuing to watch the economic impact. we talked a little bit about this with peter morisi an economist and what it means nationally. there is new information about insurance claims and what you need tow know if you're affected by sandy or any other natural disaster. >> where did you come from? >> the lower east side. >> no power down there? >> no power, no cellphone service, no traffic lights.
9:29 am
the bus lines are pretty long trying to get uptown. it took me a couple of hours to get up here today. [ male announcer ] are you considering a new medicare plan?
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maybe you'd just like help paying for your prescriptions. consider a part d prescription drug plan. it may help reduce the cost of your prescription drugs. with over 30 years of medicare experience, unitedhealthcare has been helping people live healthier lives. remember, open enrollment ends friday, december 7th. we can help. call unitedhealthcare to learn about medicare plans that may be right for you. call now. ♪ jon: the folks struggling to recover from hurricane sandy now facing new weather concerns, new images coming in from staten island, new york, hit so very hard. it is the starting location for the new york city marathon, which is as of now supposed to go on this coming sunday. millions of people are still without power and there is a winter-like chill in the
9:33 am
area. our chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is in the fox weather center with more on all of that. rick? >> jon, cold air to be had. it is november. when you get tropical storms after that you think you got warmth. not all the case. due to late season storms. lows tonight again into the 30s and 40s for everyone. tomorrow, daytime highs similar today. that will be the pattern we're dealing with over the next four to five days. no big changes here. the good news there isn't any significant precipitation. look at the future precipitation here, what you see, this light color, that is a trace of rain. that will be the remnants of what is sandy, maybe moving across the lakes causing a little bit of lake effect precipitation, mostly rain. that is very, very light. that is all the way through saturday. there is talk of potential nor'easter some type of storm next tuesday election day. got to tell you the models continue to pull it offshore. we're not concerned about that.
9:34 am
that is good news. we'll see more rain tuesday across parts of the south. none of that looks even significant. that is certainly good news. not much precipitation but the cold weather is here for us. that is not good news for people without power. jon? jon: a lot of blue on the map. rick, thank you. jenna: as we've been telling you early estimates from sandy put estimates behind $50 billion. behind the dollar signs, there are real people affected by the storm and important to know what to do now how to prepare in the future if you find yourself affected by a bad storm like the one that hit the east coast. rick folbaum is at the breaking news desk with more. rick? >> that $50 billion number is almost twice the number estimated a day or two ago. these are losses experienced by homeowners, car owners and business owners, all combined. if you're one of those who got socked and getting ready to try to collect from your insurance company, here are a few tips to keep in mind. try to find the actual policy. that will help you out a
9:35 am
lot. look for pictures, both before the storm and then after the storm. you will want to be able to show the damage you incurred. also don't wait too long to file a claim. at the very least, call your insurance company and get a claim started. get the process rolling so your case can be assigned to an adjuster given people with damage it could take a while to get people out to your house. you want to get things moving. choose your word carefully. you don't want to use anything your insurer can use later to deny the claim. explain the damage and don't guess at a cause because some causes are not covered. finally real quick, get a cleanup company to dry out flooded areas. you want to do that before mold becomes an issue, if you get a hotel room you're not covered for that because of a loss of power or even for flooding. you are covered if your house can't be lived in because a tree fell through it. a few things to keep in mind if you're one of many people
9:36 am
who will try to file insurance claims in days and weeks ahead. back to you. jenna: great rips for us, rick. thank you. jon: some of the tightest battleground states in swing states are home to lots of gun owners. they're paying close attention to what both campaigns are saying about the right to bear arms. william la jeunesse live in los angeles with a look at that. >> reporter: jon, the last four years gun control was essentially a nonissue thanks to pro-gun congress and conservative majority on the supreme court. then the president stunned gun owners with his plans for a second term. >> this is the smith & wesson model right here. >> reporter: in the swing states of ohio, colorado, gun owners could pose a problem for the president. >> what worries me both about president obama getting reelected at that point we'll see the real true, barack obama. >> reporter: their concern? his plan to reduce violence by -- >> seeing if we can get an assault weapons ban reduced. >> i was thinking i was born in a country where i had to
9:37 am
right to keep and bear arms and i don't understand what he is talking about. >> makes me nervous. i have three children in a home to protect. >> reporter: stephanie thomas rushed to a cincinnati gun store after hearing the president. >> i am concerned. i want to come in before the election to make my purchase, in the event that ban is reinstated. >> reporter: 90 million gun owners live in the u.s., but in eight battleground states 2.1 million bought guns already this year and two million hold hunting licenses. >> ar-15 is one of the most popular sporting rifles out there. >> reporter: gun owners fear the president would ban the top selling gun, the ar-15. >> weapons designed for soldiers in war theaters don't belong on our streets. >> reporter: after mass shootings in colorado, activists wanted the 2004 ban renewed. opponents say he misrepresent cents the. >> assault weapons are used less than one 1.5% of all
9:38 am
the firearms crimes. >> reporter: the nra immediately jumped on the president's comment and running ads in seven tossup states because their second amendment rights in jeopardy. gun owners do vote, jon. jon: they make themselves heard. william la jeunesse, thank you. jenna: one of the many images coming in from the storm is all the cars flooded out because of sandy. a reality for so many folks. what many abouts of these cars? what happens to them? could they be heading to a used car lot near you? might sound strange but it did happen in other hurricanes. we will talk about that. imagine you vote for the president on one of electronic voting machines and vote for one guy but the choice turns out to go for the other one. so where problems like that are being reported and what's being done about it. we're going to tell you just ahead.
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
jon: right now, just five days out from election day,
9:42 am
new complaints of early voting machines initially marking romney votes for president obama. looking into this more, our senior correspondent eric sean live in lorraine, ohio. what is going on there? >> reporter: imagine voting for presidential candidate and push his name but the x is going to the other guy. we're getting reports this is occurring in touch-screen machines in several places nevada, north carolina and ohio. we're in the lorraine board of elections. they say there are no such problems. everything is going fine. in one voter joan stevens she pushed the name of rid romney -- [inaudible] >> i don't know if it happened to anybody else or not. this is the first time in all the years we voted this ever happened to me. >> reporter: sophie rogers, the head of board of elections there my personal opinion is she hit it too
9:43 am
hard. we notice people punch on them. she might not have hit the square she wanted. she says there are no other reports an insistent there are no problems there. but there have been problems with touch-screen machines in the past around the country. in factnty we're in now they had to replace 400 of 1200 machines just last year. paul adams is the director of board of elections. he said the county did a diagnostic test. >> we have heard of these issues in some of the other counties. we had sporadic issues a few years ago. since then we upgraded our software and our board has replaced most of our touch-screen unit screens, if there was any problems with them. since we've done that, about a year and a half ago we haven't had any kind of major issues. >> reporter: mr. adams also says that the totally impossible to preprogram these type of electronic machines at all. and besides, they have a paper trail so you can always check on a piece of paper for whom you voted. as for joan, she told me she has advice for everybody in the country, double-check to
9:44 am
see who you vote for before you push that cast ballot button. she doesn't care who people vote for as long as everyone gets their correct choice because after all, jon, if you push the cast ballot, by then it is too late. jon: they can't take it back after that. eric shawn in ohio. thank you. jenna: looks busy in lorain, ohio. jon: a lot of folks voting. >> that is with w what we want to see. good participation. we'll tell you about a completely different story away from politics right, jon? jon: yeah. jenna: a surfer is lucky to be alive after a shark takes a bit out of a surfboard and out of him as well. luckily he survived. he is speaking for the very first time. what do you say after you get --. jon: tasted by a shark. jenna: thank you. rick, i mean that is the question. what word do you use, bitten? tasted? jon scott is always right. jon: sharks tend to taste before they actually swallow. that is really true.
9:45 am
jenna: of course jon would know this. of anybody jon will tell us exactly what happens when a shark bites you. >> reporter: jon's right. we can only smile about this because the guy is okay. what do you do if you get tasted by a great white? ask scott stevens. a 25-year-old surfer was on his board and off of a jetty near the coast of eureka, california, yesterday morning. that's when a shark bit him and his board. listen. >> i opened my eyes under water and, punched the shark on the side of the head a couple times until he released me. >> reporter: punched the shark on side of the head and he was released. he has a 14 inch bite wound on his side. no major damage done. he will be okay. this is latest in a series of shark attacks off the california coast including one last week when a 39-year-old surfer was killed in santa barbara county. experts blame a great white
9:46 am
15 or 16 feet long in that attack. over the summer two kayakers reported sharks bit their boats but better to have your boat bitten than your torso. jenna: absolutely. i can't believe that story. did you see the surfboard? like the movies. he is so lucky. jon heard he hit him in the side of the head, he was yeah, that's the way you do it. jon: go for the eyes. jenna: go for the eyes. rick, now we know. rick, thank you. jon: as sandy's floodwaters recede there are all sorts of questions about what happens to all those cars that are swamped in the storm and what impact their absence from the market might have on the auto industry? we'll get into that next. people have doubts about taking aspirin for pain.
9:47 am
but they haven't experienced extra strength bayer advanced aspirin. in fact, in a recent survey, 95% of people who tried it agreed that it relieved their headache fast. visit today for a special trial offer.
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jon: fox news alert.
9:50 am
you thought obamacare was alive and well after the supreme court ruling in june? well there is now the possibility that the supreme court could rehear the health care overhaul. the department of justice today deciding liberty university has a valid argument that the supreme court should take another look at the health care overhaul, based on parts of the overhaul the court had not already decided. our shannon bream who covers the court and especially the supreme court for us says that means there is 95% chance that the health care challenge just came back from the dead. we could argue this tinge thing, at least new components of it all over again. jenna: wow, what a story. jon: keep you updated. jenna: we'll certainly keep you updated on that. this is something you see with flooding flooding everywhere you live. in sanday an overwhelming number of cars submerge under water in a time so
9:51 am
stuff for many people. we're showing awe few. there are frankly too many submerged cars to count across the storm zone. some say thousands and thousands are affected by flooding and all the bad weather. what happens to all the vehicles now that we see in some areas that water is receding? we have the managing editor of black book. you might not block book. they tell us what our cars are worth, that is one of the things they do. ricky, what happens to all these cars? >> thanks for having me on, jenna. i appreciate it. it is an interesting thing as far as what is going to happen. if you think about katrina. katrina was a pretty devastating storm but not near as widespread what sandy will be. katrina had 640,000 cars that were destroyed. jenna: tens of thousands. maybe what i reported is a little bit low. you say it will be higher than katrina? >> i actually think it could be higher when you look at the population area and how widespread area was damaged. jenna: wow! so, katrina,
9:52 am
640,000 cars. what happened to them? where did they all go? >> well, a lot of those cars were actually destroyed because of the history they had, flooding and they're not usable anymore. so, and actually after katrina there was some rules and regulations changed as far as reporting and tracking these vehicles. and they can't be put back on the road. so they will be destroyed. people will have to have replacement cars. jenna: let me just is ask you a little bit about cars being destroyed. the entire car has to be scrapped? no parts can be saved? nothing can be resold from these cars? >> i'm sure there will be some parts that will be resold but basically they need to be destroyed, yes. they couldn't be driving cars on the road. jenna: i was seeing in some past hurricanes there have been big stories where some of the cars have been resold and some folks actually bought cars they did not know that were in floods. is there any way to tell several months down the line you're looking at a used car and a car that's been in a
9:53 am
flood like sandy produced for us here on the east coast? >> yes, there is. there are tools out there, history reports, vehicle history reports, a couple of companies that are pretty widespread and they're well-known are carfax and auto check. and they actually report thist -- history. if there is any damage or insurance claim on the particular vehicle it is recorded by the vin number of that particular vehicle. if something slips through the cracks so to say, i think during this time as vehicles come back in and be traded in and dealers will look at history report and shows up clean and they look where this particular vehicle was during this time frame. if it is in one of these affected areas i think that dealer will actually look a little closer, make a closer inspection to see if there is any damage to make a call is this a car to trade in and put back on their lots. jenna: ricky, the first of the month is when we get all
9:54 am
the data for car sales. i'm curious where you see the biggest impact potentially with so many cars, hundreds of thousands potentially ruined by this storm? what do you think the impact will be economically? >> well the new car sales levels for october sure will be off a little bit because of those three or four days there weren't any sales that occurred but going forward, there's a tremendous opportunity to increase some of the new car sales. there's an opportunity in the used car market where those values will increase in value because of extra need for replacement vehicles that are used cars as well. because everybody that had a car destroyed will not go back to a new car. they may two back to a used car. jenna: ricky, real quick, who is responsible for the cars that are flooded? are owners responsible to get them off the road? or does the city step in, the state? who is responsible for that? >> well you have a combination of the owner working with the insurance company that will take care of that particular situation. jenna: just curious. there seems to be so many. really interesting information for us.
9:55 am
we appreciate the time today and look forward to talking to you again, sir. thank you. >> glad to. thank you. jon: what a mess. can't say it often enough, wow? getting around america's largest city, the traffic nightmare in and around new york in the wake of sandy. how folks are trying to make the best of it and how long they can expect lines like this at a gas pump.
9:56 am
9:57 am
9:58 am
jon: the super storm that hit the northeast is affecting the entire country. lower manhattan is the heart of america's financial system. transportation is inching back into service. crews are pumping water out of flooded tunnels. it's estimated a billion gallons of water will need to be removed. 2.5million passengers a day who take buses are running on only 14 of the 23 bus lines. the subways that took such a hit
9:59 am
are running limited service. they are not running at all below 34th street in lower manhattan where the power is still out. mayor michael bloomberg said restoring electricity will take some time, not even putting a number on it. jenna: we are getting new video and photos in from parts of the city. you are seeing stunning devastation. we have heard from one of the viewers that the area in queens, it's called broad channel has been really affected out by jfk airport. they are hearing from a firefight firefighter. a fire destroyed 20 stores after the hurricane. this area really affected, and some were saying from people on the ground there that folks are just walking into the street and bursting into tears and they felt that they weren't getting enough attention necessarily from the red cross, they are urgi

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